Merry Christmas!

>> Saturday, December 18, 2010

I wanted to wish everyone (especially my fabulous clients) a Merry Christmas. This has been such a wonderful year for us. A year of a new baby and wonderful family and friends. It is such a blessing to live where we do! I couldn't be happier!
So, I usually don't post pictures of myself but I thought I would post the pictures I used for my Christmas Card (Maybe I'll post my card here soon).

What can I say about Drew? Oh my! What a cutie! We have LOVED having Drew as an addition to our family. This picture captures his personality perfectly. He is always smiling, happy and laughing. Man, I just want to squeeze his cheeks!

Oh, Ryann. She is my biggest helper! She has such a sweet spirit and always gives me plenty of love. She is a little adventurer. She will do just about anything and makes a friend where ever she goes. In this picture, she had a black eye that spread to both eyes. I decided to photo shop it out since it was for our Christmas card. I will be printing one with the black eyes, just to remember!

Madie, the little stinker! She is so much fun and is always doing something to make us laugh (if she isn't crying herself)! This picture is the best of her! She looks so innocent!

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